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What’s a Brand Guide? And Yes, You Need One!

Your brand guide, also known as a brand guideline or brand book, acts as a blueprint for your company’s identity. These guidelines include your company’s history, message, values, mission statement, and personality. A brand guide also details some design elements for print and web appearances such as logo, logo placement, color palette, fonts, and more.


Beauty versus Practicality in Web Design

In web design, there may be dangers in going overboard with design elements that focus on the artistic aspects of the user experience, while neglecting more practical matters.

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Everyone Is An Influencer

Influencer Marketing seems simple enough, doesn’t it? You get the right Instagram personalities, spend your budget getting the product in their hand and boom! You’re done!

…About Your E-Commerce

Think you have your e-commerce game together? Guess again. We touched base with our Digital Analyst and asked her to share fifteen reasons she hates – not dislikes, hates – your e-commerce website.