Build Your Marketing Foundation

Your Core Marketing Properties

If you think of developing your brand as creating a blueprint, building your Marketing Foundation consists of all the important projects that get you set up to market and run the business.

• user experience
• landing pages
• app design
• email templates
• social headers

• photography
• video
• blog

• packaging
• catalog
• brochures
• collateral
• stationery
• signage

Once these marketing components are complete, companies can generally use them, or variations for years before starting over. For example, a great website should last years – all you need to do is occasionally add new products and services.

One little project, or ten?

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You wouldn’t try this without being fit, a lot of practice, and a bit of courage. But knowing you have a great brand, website, sales materials, and content ready to go frees you up to concentrate on the business - and your advertising. Core is all about building a marketing foundation for when customers are ready to make a purchase.

Re-Think Print.

Yes, Print.

No, it’s not right for all situations.

There are a lot of reasons to use printed materials for your marketing in addition to your digital presence. Here are a few excellent reasons:

  • Large-format printed materials (magazines and catalogs) tend to linger in the home for weeks or months. That beautiful catalog may sit on your coffee table, reminding the consumer over-and-over about your brand, products, and values.
  • Consumers engage in print differently than digital – they hold it in their hands, feel the materials, read to content, and study the images.
  • Think outside the box. Yes, a lot of printed materials get immediately discarded. But a lot of websites also get abandoned before the consumer even clicks once. Be smart about print and find the opportunities to fill in gaps in information, build a relationship, or show you are different from everyone else.