Creating a brand identity (what Big Rocket does) is about developing an identity system to get the consumer to see your company the way you want them to see it.

We can create a logo or we can create a brand. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Branding Packages



What Is A Brand?

Brand is the identity of the products and services offered, and the essence of what the company stands for in terms of emotional, non tangible consumer concerns. To brand something is to make descriptive and evocative communications that describe what the company stands for. For example, is the brand the economical, does it stands for superior service, is it environmentally responsible? Every possible consumer touchpoint is must convey the essence of what the company stands for.

A brand is the essence of one’s own unique story. The key is to be authentic. Otherwise, your brand will just be a facade.

The power of a strong logo in brand identity is that a simple visual can instantaneously communicate a brand and what it is about. Logos are vitally important, but are just one component of what creates a strong brand.

Begin Creating Your Brand

Is Big Rocket the right branding partner for you? Whether you are looking for a quick logo package or a complete brand identity, there’s only one way to find out.

Evolve Or Die.

Can a brand last forever? Yes, and no. Every successful brand is in a constant state of evolution. As a consumer, you may not notice it, but smart brands adjust to the consumer preferences, market conditions, and changing trends.

The Brand Lifecycle:


The creation of your brand identity is a critical early step in building a successfull business. And it’s not just your logo. It is things like knowing how you differ from the competition, who your target audience is, who you are, and your brand’s voice and personality.


Once your brand is living in the real world, consumers will form their own opinions and make it their own. They may love it or hate it, find it brilliant or useless, believe in it or barely notice it. The point is, they are forming their own opinions and you need to listen, learn, and make adjustments.


Evolve or Die. Brands must evolve to acknowledge consumer needs and perceptions, to accommodate new products, and adjust to changing markets and competition. It is always best to evolve before the consumer moves to a more nimble or attractive competitor.

Identity Packages Tailored To Your Needs

Our basic logo and identity packages start at $2,750 for a 4 week project. Contact us for complete pricing and to find out what is included.


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